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Before getting in touch with us, we invite you to read through the points below, and consider the answers to any questions these raise. This will help us when the time comes to advise you.

Marine & General Work

Tailored (by which we mean a 3-dimensional shape) or a flat sheet? Flat sheets don't have to be rectangular, the shape can be tapered or whatever you need. For tailored covers we can work from a sketch if the shape is simple enough for you to draw, otherwise we need access to the subject. Is it possible to bring the subject to us? This is the most cost-effective way and enables us to do the best job. If we'll need to travel to the subject that's OK, but of course it has a bearing on our costs. As always, a photograph can tell us a great deal about how complex a shape is likely to be needed.
For a flat sheet we'll need an overall size and an idea of the shape. For tailored work (especially boats), it's helpful if you can give us the maximum length and width of the cover so that we can form an idea of the amount of material involved. Being old-fashioned, we tend to work in feet and inches - but don't worry if your dimensions are metric!
Fabric & Thread
Take a couple of minutes to read our page on fabric and thread types to help you decide what you need. Consider the relative priority of, for example, colour, ability to breathe, softness and so on. Prices of fabrics vary widely; needless to say, the more hi-tech examples are the most expensive.

Military Work

You naturally know exactly what your vehicle looks like, but we may not. A photograph can save a thousand words. In order to arrive at a price, we will need rough overall dimensions and knowledge of how the canvas fits to the vehicle - truck back canvases vary in style (for example, draw-rope at front & rear, or sewn-in shaped bulkhead). Are there any special metal fittings that might be hard to obtain? Eventually we will need very detailed information on size, shape etc. Is there an old canvas that we can work from, or could we even have the vehicle (always the best solution, but we realise that it's sometimes impracticable)? Could you give us dimensioned sketches and paper templates of any crucial shapes?
We normally work from sketches provided by our customers, plus photos of originals if these are available. Edges are turned over and sewn as a regular hem where possible, but some customers prefer their edges to be finished with binding tape in typical U.S. style. We don't mind either way, but we need to know your preference.

Once you've considered all that, the next step will be to make contact.

Contact Details

Tel: 01603 507554 or 07796 584082
Fax: 07053 422521

Our opening times are 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday-Friday. Before visiting us, please phone first to make sure we'll be here when you arrive.

PLEASE NOTE! As of July 2016 we are retiring and scaling down our operation to a 2-day week, and will be open only on Tuesday & Wednesdays, 9.30am to 4.00pm, subject to being available.

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