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What We Do

Pfaff/Jentschmann sewing machine
Our state-of-the-art Pfaff/Jentschmann long arm sewing machine allows us deep access to the largest sheetsZoom

In a nutshell, we will make by hand to your requirements any item which can be sewn from any fabric or material which we can obtain.

While we specialise in covers for marine and military uses, our work is by no means limited to these areas. In the past we have produced for our customers such items as awnings, market stall coverings, a bow-top caravan canvas, fitted storage covers for all sorts of things from generators to garden furniture and lawnmowers, stretchers, camp beds, caravan and camper covers - to name a few!

Whether your needs are complex or simple - fully-tailored or just a flat sheet with eyelets - we are here to help. And if you have an idea that's so unusual that nobody else wants to help, talk to us about it - we're always happy to look at something different.

Singer sewing machine
This reliable 1942 Singer sewing machine is still used for the very heaviest sewing jobsZoom

If you have an item that's become damaged and is in need of repair or maintenance we'll do our best to fix it. We can sew patches into covers, rebuild torn edges, and for marine canopies, sprayhoods etc showing signs of age we are experienced in restitching, and replacing windows and zips. As boat owners ourselves, we appreciate that sometimes a repair needs to be completed rapidly and so a same-day service is available by prior arrangement.

What we don't do is keep stocks of ready-made covers on the shelf; all our work is made to order.

We do our best to keep lead times down to a minimum, but there are times of the year when we are very busy and have to place orders on a waiting list. When this is necessary, we deal with orders in strict rotation, according to the sequence in which they were confirmed. An order is considered as confirmed when a deposit, usually 50% of the quoted price, has been received by us.